Friday, April 26, 2019

Big Day Trading Mistakes

Do Not Ignore These 3 Crucial Points When You Start Trading

So many potentially good traders can easily be put off from the outset, because they failed to follow three main rules when they started out. Losing money is result, and the most common problem is ignorance, or at least lack of proper knowledge.

It's not essentially their fault, because there's so much available to temp people into trading quickly and easily. Not that it need to be difficult, but you have to follow the rules. Wander from them at your peril, but stick to them and you should find yourself enjoying trading either as a hobby, or full time, if that's your desire.

Here are 3 essential things you must grasp before you can trade profitably:

1. Your Stop Loss order is crucial. It is the closest thing you have to an insurance policy that ensures your account is not wiped out. And lose money you will. There's nothing that can be guaranteed in trading the stock market except that you will take hits. But employ a stop loss order and you can rest easy that your losses are kept to a minimum and that you have traded well.

2. Over trading. I think you'd be very unwise to place any more than 5 percent of you trading budget on any trade. Don't open more than one position when you start either, and look for those trades with more gentle personalities. The FTSE 250 is a good place to look for such trades because they have movement but without the volatility of say, the Forex market. Unfortunately my introduction to trading was by virtue of the commodities market - it all but wiped me out.

3. Emotion will play a huge part in trying to wipe out you account too. It gallops in under two guises - greed and fear. It is crucial you harness and control them and you do this by taking the time to learn a good trading system that you're comfortable with. It's about learning a trading plan and then sticking to it until you're more experienced. I won't say confident because that could trip you up in the form of greed. Keep greed and fear far behind you, where they belong.

By getting to grips with these three important points, you will better equip yourself for a far better trading experience. Every good trader will tell you to that you focus should be to cut your losses and let your profits run.

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